Texas Hail Storm March 9th, 2013

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US News reports there is baseball sized hail in Decatur Texas:



Here is some data collected on the hail storm that hit central and north Texas. Damage ranged from small to medium.

Cities Most Affected by Hail Storms of 3/9/2013

Hail SizeDemographics of Areas Affected
CityCountAverageLargestPop DensityHouse ValueIncomeAge
Decatur, TX62.172.7549$95k$42.7k38.1
Jacksboro, TX41.751.759$47k$33.5k37.9
Mason, TX31.832.001$56k$32.0k48.6
Alvord, TX31.751.7529$59k$39.4k39.2
Harper, TX21.751.756$65k$35.5k47.1
Ryan, OK12.502.504$24k$22.9k42.8
San Saba, TX11.751.757$47k$29.6k37.0
Brownwood, TX11.751.7566$47k$29.1k38.0
Rochelle, TX11.751.752$53k$31.2k52.4
Junction, TX11.751.753$51k$29.8k47.4

Here is a map showing hail locations.

Texas Hail Storms march 9th 2013