Omaha Nebraska Hail Storm April 9th 2013

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OMAHA, NE. – A severe hail storm swept through Omaha Nebraska on April 9th, 2013 causing heavy damage to several parts of the city. Below are some videos showing the hail storm. Reports of damage was wide spread including damaged roofs, cars, and windows. Video and photos show that the hail was golf ball sized.

Reports are still coming in as to the extent of damage but it could be quite high as the hail fell for a lengthy amount of time, not just a short burst of large hail.

I spoke with a friend that lives in Omaha on the phone, “It was quite loud, it sounded like 50 people were on my roof with hammers.” Dennis told me. He has been a resident in Omaha for sometime and has seen his share of storms, “This one was a pretty bad one, I need to check my roof tomorrow.” he told me.
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NOAA hail storm chart Omaha Nebraska


Omaha Nebraska Hail Storm April 9th 2013